Watch the Craftsman in Action, Make your own pottery


Description: in Cyprus is an old craft, going as far as back as the Neolithic Age.

The fame of the island's pottery and pitharia (giant earthenware jars used in the past to store and transport wine, vinegar, oil or water), reached Europe as early as 1394.

Visit THE PLACE which houses one of  the most famous Craftsmen of Cyprus called Ninos

Watch the traditional technique of “Wheel Throwing”. At the pottery section of the Place and you will have the opportunity to see the whole procedure of making pottery.

All the work is individually hand crafted using the technique of wheel throwing to achieve the final form and surface texture. Superior quality is guaranteed by the using high fired stoneware clay fired in a gas klin.This along with the same so-called unbalanced glazes give the pieces a very distinctive surface texture. You can find unique cups, mugs, kitchen jugs, storage jars, dinner plates and many other practical pieces as well as more decorative items like vases, large bowls and one off pieces.