OLD TOWN PAFOS, Meet the Locals!!!

Wear comfortable shoes, a sun hat, bring the camera, shopping bag and a bottle of water; you are now ready to adventure into the vibrant heart of the Old town.The old town boasts a superb market which satisfies those who enjoy a touch of retail therapy, with stalls packed with jewellery, clothes, shoes, pashminas, bags, lacework, and holiday souvenirs.

Outdoors there is a veritable cornucopia of fruit and vegetable stalls all manned by local villagers who travel early into the market to sell their home grown wares, here you can buy everything from local bananas, avocados, spicy rocket, and our marvellous dried wild oregano which will delight guests if you bring a jar of that home as a prime ingredient to the Sunday barbeque. This is a guaranteed sensory adventure one that will titillate all of the five senses, from the aromas of fresh herbs, fruits, spices, and bees wax candles, the opportunity to savour the taste of our award winning wines, and local delicacies, and in the background sounds of craftsmen and women creating and shaping everything from ceramics, to pots and pans, woven goods, and unique hand crafted jewellery.Meander through the narrow streets, to visit ‘The Place’ aptly named as it is the place which houses a veritable treasure trove of everything that is local to Pafos, here you will sample wines, taste food, and purchase local delicacies, be introduced to local art and craft works which are truly unique to the area.

Lunch time offers a myriad of choices from a cool beer and a sandwich at the birrie birrie wine and beer garden  at the Place that spill out onto the indoor yard and there you can relax and chill out.Architecturally the old town has a faded grandeur about it which adds to the atmosphere and you can also enjoy the hospitality of some older established hotels and their al fresco garden areas. If you wish a sense of ‘exotica’ then a visit to the old preserved Turkish baths shows what luxury ablutions were all about in times gone by, this is now a free museum and its cool interior encourages many visitors on a hot summer’s day.The sight of a Cyprus sunset from the vantage point of the Old town is a truly memorable experience, as that huge orange ball which shone down on us all day, slowly drops to kiss the horizon, to then scatter with it a stream of orange flumes, it sinks into the still dazzling Mediterranean sea.

Visitors can travel to the OldTown with the local bus which is signed to the MARKET