The art of mosaic is an autonomous art . Stone, pebbles , the glass paste , made ​​many years craftsman expression in and experienced occasionally a unique, unrivaled edge .

The earliest known mosaics found in the Near East , in Mesopotamia and is estimated to be 3000 BC Reports but the mosaics of Cyprus goes back to 1563 when the first reference to a mosaic floor in the palace at Salamis from a browser . There was no other mention of the mosaics of Cyprus until the 19th century , where sporadic but continuous excavations brought to the surface mosaics.

The image mosaic of Cyprus have changed from 1960 onwards excavations have unearthed the magnificent mosaics of Paphos, Kourion , Salamis , etc.

Thus, Cyprus , at least from the Middle Roman era proclaimed as one of the most important mosaic centers of the eastern Mediterranean .

The Cyprus covered to build a mosaic from a period of about 1000 years , from the Hellenistic , Roman , early Christian and early Byzantine period until the 7th century AD where the Arab invasion brought the decline of this art in Cyprus

Today, the tradition and the development of manufacturing , continues to use the material to rediscover the mosaic 's position on the floor and the wall in public and private places to get interior and exterior aesthetic quality and with a meaning , to form and entity .

Can Cyprus offer again, mosaics to last through time ? There is a long tradition , there are materials that nature generously provides us, there is knowledge .

The  hand of the craftsman can create the shape